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Project Next Step: Reliquary Doll Class

Image of Project Next Step: Reliquary Doll Class


Reliquary Doll Class
Reliquaries were vessels used to contain and cherish special relics, usually sacred items belonging to saints and other important figures. Capture something special and display it in a unique way! In this all-day workshop, learn how Andrew Thornton sculpts faces and create a mixed media movable sculpture. Students will work on creating their own one-off molds, use fast-cast resin and polymer clay, learn sculpting techniques, and get a crash course in painting and finishing techniques. All materials included, no kit fee. (Students may bring found objects of their own choosing to customize their reliquary dolls.)
Qty: 6 (max)
Six Hour Class
Occurs: Saturday, May 20, 2017 from 11am till 6pm EST (One Hour Lunch)